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1901 Club Ticketing FAQs

1901 Club Members can now use Apple Wallet or Google Pay to store season tickets, making access to the Amex even more convenient.

Alternatively you can also use our Ticket Transfer system to email individual match tickets to your guests or yourself. Or you can do a combination of both, download your pass to your phone, then use ticket transfer whenever you won't be attending. This provides members with complete flexibility, and puts control of tickets directly in to the hands of our members.

Mobile Tickets

The club have produced a useful video guide for using mobile ticketing which we advise all members to watch.

Ticket Transfer

We also have a step-by-step guide to using the Ticket Transfer system, see here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this case we recommend that you use the ticket transfer portal to distribute your ticket(s) for each game, if you are going to be attending, you can enter your own details and the ticket will be sent to you by email.

No, if you have multiple 1901 seats you can administer all account management and distribution via one log in as the tickets are linked. Log in to your account at bhafc.club/mytickets.

Yes, if one attendee is to remain the same throughout the course of the season then one (or more) ticket(s) can hold a Digital season ticket and the other(s) can be distributed through the ticket transfer portal.

You can 'transfer' the tickets to yourself or intended guests for all or as many matches as you wish In advance of each fixture. You do not need to transfer tickets for each game if you have opted for a seasonal NFC pass as the attendees on your ticket(s) will remain the same throughout the season.

You can hold multiple digital season tickets on one device so as long as you arrive with the member without the phone, then you can scan them through first and then yourself. Alternatively use Ticket Transfer to send them their print@home ticket for each game.

The ticket for that fixture will remain active regardless so please continue to use the original ticket

Yes, you can hold as many tickets as you like on one device and scan through the tickets, with your named, guest(s) present. Please remember that you will all need to arrive together, and that you must scan your guests in before entering yourself.

No, you only need to download your season pass once per season. After each game the pass will dynamically change to display the next game.

You can 'recall' the ticket for that match through the ticket transfer portal which deactivates that ticket. You can then reissue a new ticket to the correct attendee. See here for details.

Tickets must be transferred to attendees before turnstiles open on the day of the game (usually 3.5 hours before kick-off), and we do ask that you process the transfer in good time so that your guests can receive the tickets ready for the match.

All 1901 Club Members have an account set up for them, please go to login.brightonandhovealbion.com and ensure that you log in using the email address that we use to communicate with you. If you do not know your password or haven’t logged in then please click forgotten password and a link will be sent to you to set up a new password, otherwise continue to log in with your password.

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