Private Seat Licenses

With record crowds every week at the Amex, we are now offering supporters who invested in a Private Seat License (PSL) when the stadium opened, the opportunity to trade these licenses. Please note all PSLs are sold out, so the club will not be issuing any new licenses, except for those traded by existing PSL holders.

In order to sell your PSL you must currently own a PSL certificate in your name and be the named owner of the season ticket seat for the current/upcoming season. By trading your PSL you give up your right to retain this seat for any subsequent season and allow another supporter the opportunity to renew this seat in their name.

A PSL may be traded between supporters, but the transferee must be approved by BHAFC. The transfer value is for the PSL owner to decide and 7.5% of the purchase price or a £50 administration fee (whichever is the larger) applies to both the seller and the buyer when a transfer is made. These charges apply to cover the cost of administration and the cost of issuing a new PSL certificate.

To list your private seat license for sale please download and complete this PSL Sales form and email to

Any available Private Seat Licences for sale are listed below. To enquire about purchasing one of these available private seat license please download and complete this PSL Buyers form and email to

Qty Seating Area Block Seat(s) Asking Price
1 W1H A 172 £550
1 W3G D 145 £300

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